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Swim & Spa Entries & Passes Combined

Combined Passes Swim & Spa & Athletic

Triple-section sports hall and outdoor sports ground

Triple-Section Sports Hall

Outdoor sports ground

Athletic and Health

Meeting rooms

Sports and hotel packages

Single Entry

AdultsCHF 16.–
Children¹CHF 8.–
Guests staying overnight Budget CategoryCHF 10.–
Guests staying overnight Standard and Premium Categoryfree

Please note that the communes 
- Büron
- Mauensee
- Oberkirch
- Schenkon
- Sursee
offer their inhabitants reduced entry prices. For more information please contact your local municipal administration. 

Annual Passes (Non-Transferable)

AdultsCHF 520.–
Children¹CHF 260.–

Half-year Passes (Non-Transferable)

AdultsCHF 360.–
Children¹CHF 180.–

Pass of 10 Entries (Transferable)

AdultsCHF 144.–
Children¹CHF 72.–
Guests staying overnight Budget CategoryCHF 90.–

¹Children = up to 15 years old

50m Olympic Pool

1 Lane / hstarting from CHF 60.– (details)
Guests staying overnight 1 lane / h
(Member clubs of Swiss Aquatics benefit from a 50% discount on lane rent for camps with overnight stays)
CHF 45.-

25m Lanes

1 Lane / hstarting from CHF 25.– (details)
Guests staying overnight 1 lane / h
(Member clubs of Swiss Aquatics benefit from a 50% discount on lane rent for camps with overnight stays)
CHF 25.–

Relax-Pool 32° - 33°C

Per hourstarting from CHF 25.– (details)

Movable Pool Floor Area

½ Surface / hstarting from CHF 40.– (details)
Entire surface / hstarting from CHF 80.– (details)

Wave Machine + Lifting Crane + Setup (Lowering Water Level)

Half-daily rate (4h)CHF 400.–
Daily rate (8h)CHF 600.–

Entire Swimming Hall exclusive

On demand

Renting of the whole indoor swimming pool for events such as awards night, cocktail party, dinner, product presentations, wedding, corporate hospitality. Use of areas around the water and lifting floor.

Single Entry Combined (Entry Aquatic Centre & Spa)

AdultsCHF 26.–
Guests staying overnight Budget Category CHF 20.–
Guests staying overnight Standard and Premium CategoryCHF 10.–
With annual pass of aquatic centre or pass of 10 entriesCHF 10.–

Pass of 10 Entries Combined (Transferable)

AdultsCHF 234.–
With annual pass of aquatic centreCHF 90.–

Combined Pass (Non-Transferable)

Adults 1 yearCHF 1100.–
Adults 6 months (freely selectable in a row)CHF   750.–

Entire Hall (Triple-Section Sports Hall)

Per hourCHF 240.–
Daily rental feeCHF 1500.–

Entire Hall (Triple-Section Sports Hall, Guests Staying Overnight)

Per hourCHF 150.–
Daily rental feeCHF 900.–

One-Third of the Hall

Per hourCHF 80.–
Daily rental feeCHF 500.–

One-Third of the Hall (Guests Staying Overnight)

Per hourCHF 50.–
Daily rental feeCHF 300.–

Pitch (Asphalt), 15 x 28m

Per hourCHF 50.–

Infrastructure: installations, equipment for badminton, basketball, handball and volleyball (markings in accordance with BASPO guidelines).
Cloakrooms including showers.

Grass Pitch, 27 x 54m

Per hourCHF 50.–

Infrastructure: 2 football goals.
Cloakrooms including showers.

Pitch (Plastic Granulat), 10 x 24m

Per hourCH 50.–

Cloakrooms including showers.

Single Entry Athletic Room

Guests staying overnightCHF 10.–

No authorisation for indoor swimming pool

Annual Pass Athletic Room

Adults (Non-Transferable)
Price on demand

Combined Passes

See prices "Aquatic Centre & Spa"

Exclusive Rental Fee Athletic Room

Per hour CHF 250.–

Exclusive rental fee requires supervision from a club trainer or course instructor.

Exclusive Rental Gymnastic Room

Per hourCHF 70.– (without sports equipment)

Exclusive rental requires supervision from a club trainer or course instructor.

Exclusive Rental Massage Room

Per hourCHF 30.– (without sports equipment)

Meeting Room Sportarena Small

2 Hours (with technical equipment)CHF 210.–
Half-daily rental fee (with technical equipment)CHF 320.–
Daily rental fee (with technical equipment)CHF 420.–

Sports packages for sports arena guests

You can find a summary of the various sports packages including preferential prices for the overnight stay in this >OVERVIEW (pdf).